if somebody had asked me a year ago if I’d dare to release material under my own label, I would have just laughed. I wouldn’t have thought I was able to do that, especially after I ended my first artist deal. So it’s with a very unique feeling and a sense of empowerment I can finally say that my new single is out, and under my own independent label. Writing ‘I want you’ was actually a very straightforward process, and the result, I think, is very honest. The whole song was finished in just about five hours. We were all quite exhausted at this point, and because of that everyone had kinda let their guard down. So in the end it’s the result of three different people, with their own experiences and battles, coming together over a common vulnerability, which was love. ”

— Una Sand

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If a song can stand on its own two feet with one lone guitar, you've struck a musical goldmine.”

— Jason Scott, PopCrush on the Acoustic version of Wanderlust



Una is a 23 year-old Norwegian artist and songwriter based in Oslo, Norway.

The young songwriting talent Una Sand debuted with her first solo single in 2016, before spending the next years writing songs and figuring out her sound. In a tour de force she released a string of singles co-written and produced by prominent heavyweights like Fred Ball, before releasing her debut EP, ‘Perspective’ via Universal Music mid 2018. Currently published by Sony ATV Netherlands, Una has spent the past year in her safe place, the studio, making incredible music that´s soon ready to see the light of day. In the process, Una has also taken full control of her career, and with ‘I want you’, she’s launching her own record label, with its first release due December 27th. Watch this space as more singles will be released throughout 2020 and beyond, marking a new era for one of Norway’s most promising songwriters and artists.



Publisher: Sony ATV Benelux

MGMT: Erik Sand / erik@unasand.com / +47 97 00 98 93