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Leading with a melancholic and emotionally adept take on the modern pop sound, Norwegian newcomer Una Sand continues to turn heads whilst taking a hands on approach to crafting meaningful moments in Nordic pop music.

From exploring her father’s basement studio to discovering music alongside friends, Una’s younger years were consistently surrounded by music. Cutting her song writing teeth at just ten years old, the Oslo-based artist quickly found a proficient ability to carve meaningful and emotionally deep lyrics from her own personal sentiments. Fascinated by travel and international cultures, her music continues to bridge an essential gap in the importance of discovery and experience. This proficiency quickly caught the eyes and ears of Sony/ATV Music Publishing Benelux, who wasted little time in signing the then 18-year-old talent to their publishing roster.

Signing as a solo artist to Universal Music Norway in 2016, Una quickly found herself in hot demand internationally. Selected by Stargate, Fred Ball and Electric to partake in their Master Classes in both London and Los Angeles, this spike in demand was met with the release of her inaugural singles “You & I” in 2016 and “Seventeen” in 2017, garnering Una more than 1m streams globally. For her third single “Wanderlust,” released September 22 via Universal Music Norway, Una’s melancholic pop prowess meets a subtle urban backbone for one of the most confident singles to emerge from her studio vaults to date, setting the bar for a consistent run of releases from the aspiring Norwegian pop heavyweight.


Erik Sand 

Universal Music
Manbir Plaha

Project Manager:
Universal Music
Trine Hartz

A&R Manager:
Universal Music
Rune Grønn